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Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone air conditioners
May 11, 2019
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How to choose the best air conditioning unit – Part 2
July 2, 2019
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How to choose the best air conditioning units – Part I

How to choose the best air conditioning units – Part I

Once we have made the decision to purchase an air conditioning unit, it is time to choose the model that best suits our needs. For this, we must consider different variables.

First of all, if the installation process seems somewhat complex, we can choose portable equipment, ideal to air-condition a specific room. It is also a more economical product, which does not, therefore, require a large investment.

On the other hand, if we are determined to face the installation of an air conditioning unit to obtain greater efficiency, we must take into account the type of space where we want to install it. That is, it can be in a private home, in a store, in an office…

A system that is increasingly disused is the window air conditioning. They are compact square devices that are normally installed in a window or by making a hole in the wall, leaving half of the equipment inside the house and the other half on the outside. They are noisy, easy to maintain, and, usually, consume a little more energy than other equipment.

For a house with only one room, we recommend the Mono Split Wall system (1 × 1), consisting of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It is the most used system in homes. They are usually low consumption equipment, with a wide range of models and options.

If, on the contrary, our house has more than one room and little space or difficulties to install the outdoor unit, we can choose a multi-wall Split system. It consists of several indoor units and one outdoor, but you can also evaluate a duct system. The multi Split wall systems make it possible to heat one or several zones at the same time on demand, being able to choose different temperatures.

One of the biggest differences between a mono split 1 × 1 unit for each of the rooms, in addition to saving us outdoor units that can be a problem for aesthetics, noise or by regulation, is that the multi-split system has a lower consumption than several 1 × 1 mono splits.

It is important to keep in mind that both the indoor unit in cold mode (summer) and the outdoor unit in heat mode (winter) will condense and therefore generate a few drops of water. The drainage of the indoor units can be driven by gravity to where we want (container, decanter, plant, drainage provided in pre-installation, etc.) or by installing a condensate pump. The outdoor unit drips down the bottom in heat mode.