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March 22, 2019
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Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone air conditioners

Stand-alone air conditioners - AJ´s Air

Ductless, windowless or stand-alone air conditioners are the perfect solution for people that cannot install outdoor units on the facade of the building for aesthetic or legal reasons. But how does an air conditioning system work without an outdoor unit?

A split air conditioning system consists of two parts: an indoor unit, which corresponds to the item that is installed inside the house; and an outdoor unit, which is installed outside the building and is the item in which the air conditioning compressor is located, that is, the motor that makes the air conditioner work and moves the refrigerant through the circuit.

A ductless, windowless or stand-alone air conditioner, without an outdoor unit, is a compact machine that contains all the necessary components for the operation in a single mechanism. As in all air conditioning equipment, it is necessary to exchange air between the outside and the inside, so it incorporates two tubes through which air exchange takes place. These tubes are located in the back of the equipment and must have an outlet to the outside, that is, the installation should always be done on an outside wall.

Advantages of stand-alone air conditioners


One of the greatest advantages of the installation of ductless, windowless or stand-alone air conditioners without an outdoor unit is its installation since they only require some holes towards the outside of the diameter of the tubes and a nearby electrical outlet to plug in the equipment.


These systems have a nice aesthetic since they are similar to radiators in terms of design. They are usually small and appealing to the eyes. Their design is perfectly integrated into the home.

Disadvantages of stand-alone air conditioners


One of the disadvantages of these air systems without an outdoor unit could be the sound since the air conditioning compressor is inside the machine. For this reason, ductless, windowless or stand-alone air conditioners are not usually very silent, and they will be located on the house. Although, the technological evolution has allowed them to be more and more noiseless.


At the time of installation, we always recommend having a downpipe or a drain system to remove the water generated by the air conditioning equipment, since this water is produced by the unit itself and must be evacuated.