How to choose the best air conditioning units – Part I
How to choose the best air conditioning units – Part I
June 15, 2019
The 5 best wall split air conditioners
The 5 best wall split air conditioners
August 23, 2019
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How to choose the best air conditioning unit – Part 2

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Once we have made the decision to purchase an air conditioning unit, it is time to choose the model that best suits our needs. For this, we must consider different variables. Make sure you have read the first part of this article. Let’s continue.

On the other hand, a duct air conditioning system has the function of uniformly air-conditioning the entire installation. But also, air conditioning systems by ducts allow controlling the temperature of each room independently if we install additionally a zoning system type Airzone, thanks to a network of conduits that end in strategically placed motorized grids.

But the multi-split units also have the roof type (either by locating it in the false ceiling or in the interior part of the walls), which decreases the visual impact of the equipment in the aesthetics of the room.

Both multi-split cassette or multi-split floor-ceiling units offer great performance in commercial premises or offices. However, for commercial premises, it is recommended to install a system of air curtains, which allows creating a barrier on the entrance door to the inside, protecting it climatically and waterproofing it to the outside temperature.

Another factor that we must consider when choosing our air conditioning is the energy efficiency and power we need. In this aspect, we will need to know the type of equipment we need, according to the surface and thermal conditions that we want to air-condition. The usual calculation to find the necessary cooling power is made at a rate of 125 Kcal per square meter for normal conditions in a home and can change based on the topology of our home or premises, so it is best to go to a specialist to advise us based on a custom calculation.

The inverter technology allows combining energy saving and comfort since it lets us reach an adequate temperature beforehand, as well as to maintain it stable thus optimizing the production of energy. To which it must be added that the recent changes in terms of seasonal efficiency regulation have helped the production of more efficient engines and lower power consumption.

For those users who suffer allergies of any kind, specialists recommend the use of high-quality air conditioners. Thus, it is very important that the equipment has high-density filters, which, in addition to cooling the air, purify it by eliminating dust particles that float in the environment, as well as mites, germs, and other pathogens.

In addition to filters, other manufacturers add to their products antiparticle reinforcements, consisting of the release of ions to the outside, which adhere to the allergenic substances, so that they increase their weight and end up falling to the ground.

If what you are interested in is energy saving, movement sensors are a very useful implementation, as they detect the human presence in the room, adapting the temperature when it is occupied and decreasing the power, or even stopping the equipment, when empty.

Also, in some models it is possible to adjust the detection time, preventing the equipment from restarting unnecessarily if the room has been occupied for a very short time.

Other times, it is not necessary for the air conditioning to stop completely, it is enough to optimize the regulation. With this purpose, the inverter system was developed, consuming between 35% and 40%, minimizing compressor deterioration.

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