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Pros and cons of portable air conditioning units
March 22, 2019
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Advantages and disadvantages of stand-alone air conditioners
May 11, 2019
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What is an air conditioner compressor?

air conditioner compressor - AJ´s Air

The air conditioner compressor is a key component for the proper functioning of this type of units. This happens because the system’s energy performance depends on it. Air conditioner compressors are usually installed on the outside of the space we want to cool. Therefore, talking about the repair of compressors implies a certain complexity.

As for its work, the compressor takes care of compressing the refrigerant fluid, that is, the gas. This, in a compression/decompression cycle, allows producing a heat transfer from one area to another within a refrigeration circuit. In this way, the compressor generates energy by compressing the gas that comes from the evaporator. This pressure increases the refrigerant fluid temperature, which then returns to its liquid state and heats up.


Air conditioner compressors characteristics:

Both commercial and residential air conditioner compressors have several features worthy of recognition:



We already said that compressors are key elements since they deal with the energy-level regulation of this type of equipment. Therefore, we must also say that they are efficient components because thanks to them it is possible to reduce energy consumption. And it is already known that this contributes to a very significant cost saving and allows to counteract environmental pollution.



One of the most interesting features of air conditioner compressors is its capacity. The variety of alternatives makes possible the existence of different capacities compressors, which are ultimately adapted to the specific space needs.



Air conditioner compressors are great guarantors of the user’s comfort. Firsts, because they contribute to providing better room temperature. Second, because its process does not produce annoying noises, therefore, air conditioner compressors have an intelligent great capacity component, but silent.



The air conditioner compressor is a component that offers great improvement opportunities to manufacturers. And that goes hand in hand with the innovative potential that they have. When a company improves their equipment, the most important innovations are usually reflected in how the compressor operates.


Why do you need to learn about air conditioner compressors?

Because we understand that if you have an air conditioner you will want to know what its most significant components are and how do they work. On the other hand, when learning about these aspects, you can be better prepared in case of a breakdown or even to detect when something does not work well. Many times, not paying attention to the proper functioning of the air conditioner can be a huge mistake. When discovering that our device is broken, it may be too late.