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July 2, 2019
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The 5 best wall split air conditioners

The 5 best wall split air conditioners

One of the factors to consider when choosing wall split air conditioeners is the type of filters it has installed. The main objective of air conditioning filters is to eliminate harmful particles for health (dust, smoke, bacteria, fungi…) by improving air quality and eliminating possible unpleasant odors. The most affected ones by this type of particles are children, the elderly or sick people. Depending on the range of equipment (domestic, commercial or industrial) and its type (if it is a split, air purifier…), the materials and characteristics of the filters will be different.

On this occasion we will comment on 5 of the best splits on the market in terms of the air quality they generate:

Mitsubishi Electric LN series (A +++ / A +++):

The system of filters incorporated in the MSZ-LN series offers high effectiveness of polluting agents’ elimination in air. It incorporates the Plasma Quad Plus filter, which reduces exposure to allergenic particles, viruses, and bacteria up to 97%. It is a permanent filter that compacts the dust through a system of plasma ions.

It also offers:

  • Built-in Mel Cloud Wi-Fi control
  • Double split vertical blade
  • 3D I-see Sensor
  • 4 colors available to choose


Mitsubishi Electric FH series (A +++ / A +++):

This series, in addition to incorporating the system of filters mentioned above in the LN series, has also the “natural breeze” mode. Through this system, it can imitate the real air flow by transferring the user the feeling of being outdoors.

It also offers:

  • Double split vertical blade
  • Nordic version for very low-temperature zones (up to -20°)
  • 3D I-see sensor

Panasonic Etherea (A +++ / A +++):

This equipment is the highest choice in the Panasonic brand and uses nanotechnology to purify the air in the room. It works effectively against adherent and suspended microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and molds, guaranteeing a cleaner environment. It also removes the odor adhered in curtains and sofas, reducing the smell by 90% (for example, the smell of tobacco) after 120 minutes.

It also offers:

  • Econavi Sensor
  • Two color finishes
  • Optional Wi-Fi control


Daikin Stylish (A +++ / A +++):

This is one of the latest Daikin models to reach the market that has a deodorizing air purifier filter. Its function is to extract the dust particles suspended in the air decomposing the odors and limiting the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, or microbes, thus guaranteeing a constant supply of clean air. It also reduces internal humidity without affecting the temperature of the room.

It also offers:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi control
  • Two colors available to choose
  • Thermal sensor


Daikin Ururu Sarara (A +++ / A +++):

This equipment, in addition to carrying the filter mentioned in the Stylish model, has built-in humidity control. All moisture recovered from the air is used for the interior. The outside air is filtered and treated before being conducted to the air-conditioned environment. It also has a special function of dehumidifying the air without changing the temperature of the room.

It also offers:

Renovation function: The heating and humidity control operations maintain enough comfort at all times of the year. You can adjust the humidity level and the temperature of the room according to the needs of the moment.