Hurricane Effects on your AC Unit
Hurricane Effects on your AC Unit
October 10, 2017
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November 20, 2017
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Prepare your AC Unit for the Winter Season

Prepare your AC Unit for the Winter Season

We all know how Florida weather is so unpredictable; especially during winter season. In the Sunshine State we have experienced very cold nights and this is why we need to prepare our A/C unit in case of sudden temperature drops. There are many factors besides snow that can negatively affect an A/C Unit; therefore, it is essential to take measurements on the maintenance of our equipment. Preventing any damages to our unit could not only save us money, but also will avoid any value depreciation to our real state property.

The following tips will get us ready and prepare for the winter season:

  1. On very cold days, wrap your A/C Unit with an impermeable cover to prevent water or ice to rust the unit.
  2. Maintain youre A/C unit free and clean of leaves, bird droppings, branches, debris and/or dust, these can get in your unit due to strong winds. Use a hose and a brush to reach hard spaces.
  3. Frequently change your unit filter even though you may not be using the Air Conditioning as much during the winter.
  4. Consider turning off the power of your unit from the circuit breaker and the outside unit if you would not be using your A/C unit for a while.

It is important to keep in mind that covering your unit with plastic materials can create condensation since air is not able to go through the cover; and eventually this will also damage the unit. Therefore, you may want to think in alternatives to protect your unit, such as plywood or plant shrubs. Be aware that no unit may be operated unless the covers are removed.

For additional information and tips on how to prepare your A/C unit for the winter you may want to consider contacting the experts. At AJs Air we are trained and capable of providing you the best A/C advice in the Central Florida area.