Prepare your AC Unit for the Winter Season
Prepare your AC Unit for the Winter Season
November 19, 2017
Do you know about the UV duct cleaning?
December 17, 2017
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Switching from AC to Heat

As we get into the winter, we get cold mornings and warm afternoons or vice versa. This can take us to a cycle of switching from AC to Heat in the same day, but will this action damage the system? This is a common question among Floridians, as we basically feel force to switch back and forth our thermostat during the winter season. But what is the effect of moving our thermostat from one extreme to the other and how should it be done to improve our system’s performance?

It is true that technology keeps changing constantly, providing us more efficient tools to make our lives easier and practical. Air conditioning and heating units are design to be able to switch from cool to warmer temperatures in the same day; however, there is still a chance that the system may fail due to timing or circumstances in which the switching takes place.

Usually the big impact is received by the outside unit as this one needs time to completely turn off and be able to switch to the heater position. Not giving your unit sometime between one cycle to the other may cause a shut down. In this case it is recommended to turn off the breaker and the outside switch. And this is a process that you do not want your system to go through so frequently. Therefore, it is recommended to wait 5 to 10 minutes when switching from A/C to Heater; as well as providing regular maintenance to your unit.

As we move from one season to another we might notice a change of odor in the environment, which is consider normal, as dust is being removed and burned from the ducts with the heater cycle. This is another reason why it is so important to maintain and clean your ducts periodically. Consider having one of our AJ’s Air experts to give you personalize and direct advice on how to maintain and prepare to switch from A/C to Heat in an easy and an affordable way.