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Fall HVAC Maintenance – Keep Your Unit Running Efficiently
December 12, 2016
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January 9, 2017
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How to Maintain a Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator needs maintenance
A commercial refrigerator needs maintenance. It’s used vigorously day in and day out, so ensuring that everything is in good working order is important in keeping it running for as long as possible and preserving the quality of the food. The following are some of the ways you can ensure your commercial refrigerator is in tip-top shape.

Cleaning the Fridge

The interior of the refrigerator gets dirty quickly as people go in and out of it multiple times. It’s best to clean the interior at least once a month (more so if it becomes really dirty from spills). All you have to use is warm water and mild soap or detergent. All parts of the fridge should be cleaned, such as shelves, drawers, door gaskets, and any other removable parts.
The exterior is also important to keep clean. Be sure to use only stainless steel safe cleansing agents and polish. This should be done as needed, which is usually almost daily in some kitchens.
The compressor is a part of the fridge that many people don’t think about cleaning, but it is important. All you have to do is unplug the unit, and then wipe the dust off of it. There’s no need to use water, soap or some other cleaning agent. Just wipe with a cloth to remove the dust and then turn your unit on again.
While the unit is unplugged, be sure to clean the fan and motor. All you need is a soft cloth, probably the one you used for the compressor. This will ensure there are no blockages in the fan or motor that could cause a jam, which could make the unit short out.

Spot Check

The fridge has many small mechanisms that need to be checked periodically. While it may be best to have an experienced technician check these functions, you can do it to some degree as well. Be sure to check for frost, that the door seals completely when shut, and if there are any odd sounds coming from the fridge. These are all signs something isn’t working correctly and likely needs to be assessed and repaired.

Repair When Needed

Sometimes when a commercial refrigerator needs to be repaired, people put it off because of the expense. They figure the fridge still works, so it’s fine. The problem with this is that when put off, it could lead to other problems – bigger, more expensive problems.
It’s always best to take care of repairs as soon as they are needed. It can be as simple as having a gasket replaced. That gasket replacement may end up saving you from having to replace the entire commercial refrigerator.
It’s also important to realize that when repairs are needed, the fridge is likely not operating efficiently. This probably costing you more money in energy. So, again, it’s worth it to just have it repaired.


A commercial refrigerator is one of the biggest expenses of your business. Treat it well, and it will serve you well. Give us a call if you ever need help with maintenance or repairs. Our experienced techs will ensure you get the most out of your commercial refrigerator.
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