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December 12, 2016
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Fall HVAC Maintenance – Keep Your Unit Running Efficiently

Fall HVAC Maintenance – Keep Your Unit Running Efficiently
The fall season has arrived, and while the temperatures don’t necessarily make it feel like fall, it’s still a time to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. One of the best things you can do now is maintain your HVAC unit. In just about a month, Halloween will be here, and then Thanksgiving, and all of the winter holidays. Your life will get busy, and your HVAC unit will likely not make your priority list. The following are just some of the things you should do now to ensure your HVAC unit continues to operate efficiently.

Change and Stock Up on Air Filters

Don’t rush out every month to buy filters. Buy them in bulk, so you have them on hand when you switch them out every month. Some people buy six, while others will buy for the entire year. How many you decide to purchase depends on your storage space.

Inspect the Unit

Take some time to look over your unit. Walk around it, check the wires, and remove any debris. If you see any corrosion, rust, or exposed wires, contact a reputable HVAC expert such as AJ’s Air. All of these issues can cause your unit to malfunction, and fixing it as soon as possible will ensure you don’t have to pay a lot of money in the near future.

Invest in Routine HVAC Maintenance

The fall season is the perfect time to get a professional checkup for your unit. An air conditioning and heating repair expert can do all of the following:
  • Check all connections
  • Tighten any lose electrical or gas connections
  • Inspect for damage around terminals and gas lines
  • Measure and improve airflow
  • Calibrate the system
  • Check for leaks
  • Flush the drain
  • Clean the condensation pan
  • Inspect the ignition and burner
Any problems that arise during the checkup will be reported to you, so you can make a decision on what you would like to do about them. Usually, our professional HVAC repair tech will make recommendations and provide a quote to help you make a decision on whether you would like the unit repaired.


Don’t allow your HVAC unit to stop working before you call us. With regular maintenance from you and our professional team of air conditioner experts, you can keep your unit running efficiently for longer. Save money and time is what we love to do for our customers, so call us now for more information.