4 mistakes you make with your AC in summer
4 mistakes you make with your AC in summer
June 22, 2020
Importance of Air Quality and Duct Cleaning
The Importance of Air Quality and Duct Cleaning
August 28, 2020
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What is AC maintenance?

What is AC maintenance - AJ´s Air

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

The use of air conditioning systems is essential in hot areas such as Kissimmee, Florida. Therefore, we must do constant maintenance.

When we install an air conditioning system, there are some factors that we must take into account to extend the life of the device and optimize its operation.

AC system maintenance, detail by detail

One of these factors is maintenance. If we perform proper and timely maintenance, we can ensure its good performance and extend the life of the AC system.

The air conditioning units have an indoor and an outdoor unit. Maintenance will depend on the elements contained in these units, as well as the power and model of the equipment.

Here we tell you a little more about the maintenance that should be applied to air conditioning systems.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of the AC system has the most important elements of air conditioning systems. For this reason, it is important to use a professional to regularly check and clean each item.

In general, parts are usually located outdoors, so it is essential to frequently check that they are protected and in perfect condition. In addition, it must be checked that the equipment does not produce refrigeration leaks.

Indoor unit

The indoor unit of the AC system does not require such complex maintenance and is usually so unprotected. Its maintenance consists of cleaning the filters and drainage so that dirt, fungi and bacteria do not accumulate, which could not only make the inhabitants of the home or office ill, but also decrease the performance of the system, consume more energy and could generate failures. .


When we use air conditioning equipment in cold mode, the indoor unit produces an evaporation process, which causes water droplets to accumulate inside the system. For this reason, it is essential to clean the drain of the equipment to avoid bad smells, bacteria, fungi and the accumulation of dirty water that could have consequences associated with health and hygiene.


Filters are responsible for filtering the air and absorb dust particles to prevent them from reaching the environment. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular cleaning at least once a year. This part of the maintenance can be carried out by the users themselves, since the procedure is quite simple.

If you need AC repair or maintenance of refrigeration systems in the entire Kissimmee, Florida area, you can contact us, at AJ’s Air we are experts in AC systems.