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What an extra hour of daylight means for your air conditioning unit

What an extra hour of daylight means for your air conditioning unit

At AJ’s Air, the best AC service in Orlando, Florida, we advise you on everything that you need to know about your air conditioning unit. This time, we decided to talk about what year-round daylight savings time in Florida means for your air conditioning unit.

Although the Sunshine Protection Act, which would maintain daylight saving time throughout the year, came into effect in Florida in July, the discussion of Florida’s daylight-saving time round for the year is in abeyance at the Florida Congress of the United States where the issue has not been discussed, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

Therefore, Floridians had to delay their clocks at 2 a.m. from Sunday, November 4 an hour and put the clock hands at 1 a.m. The current federal law requires that clocks return to “standard time.” As of that day, everyone had one more hour of sleep. With the change, it dawned earlier, but it also got dark before: there is more sunlight in the morning and more darkness in the afternoon.

According to Rubio’s office, there are many benefits that this measure will bring, but what does this mean for our air conditioning units? The experts at AJ’s Air have some suggestions to help you adapt properly to this time change.

It seems that with the good weather and the increase in sunshine hours you will turn on the light even less and save on the bill. A false belief that can be counterproductive if an efficient and responsible use of air conditioning is not made.

Ventilate at night or in the morning in the early hours will cool the atmosphere (it is enough with 10 minutes). The rest of the day, better keep the house in darkness, thus avoiding increasing the temperature of your home. When you go out of the house, turn off the air a little earlier, since the cold temperature will remain in the room.

The unit will work harder when you are at home. With this change, your air conditioning unit would work harder to make sure your house stays cool during that extra hour of sunlight when you are at home. When the heat is not so stifling, having installed ceiling fans can help us save energy and money. Keep your device always in good condition: having the air filters cleaned is essential for proper operation of your air device.

You can always count on AJ’s Air to help you manage your air conditioning unit. Just because things have changed in Florida does not mean that your air conditioning unit must suffer. AJ’s Air is the place where you must go for any service of your air conditioning unit.