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Top 5 Tips for Keeping Cool in the Central Florida Summer

We pride ourselves on our ability to keep you and your family cool

At AJ’s Air we pride ourselves on our ability to keep you and your family cool all throughout the blazing heat of the Central Florida Summer. But with all of the summer fun available outside your home, you’d be missing our if you hid in your crisp and cool air conditioning all day. And becauseAJ’s Air cares about our customers, we wanted to offer you these Top 5 Tips for Keeping Cool in the Central Florida Summer.

  1. HYDRATE – It’s extremely important to keep your body hydrated, as the heat and humidity of Florida in July will severely deplete your body’s reserves of stored water as you sweat. Carry a refillable water bottle with you outside of the house. Most theme park locations will actually refill your bottle for you, free of charge!
  2. DRESS APPROPRIATELY – Dark colors tend to draw in sunlight, so dress in light colored loose fitting garments, preferably made of a breathable material like cotton. It’s sometimes a good idea to bring a spare shirt as well, in the event of heavy sweating.
  3. COVER YOUR HEAD – Especially during the beastly mid-day hours, it’s important to stay covered up. Wear a hat, or even carry an umbrella. This will keep the sun out of your face and off your head. If your hair is thinning beware of scalp burns. An umbrella will especially come in handy in the mid to late afternoon, when the inevitable Florida thunderstorm hits!
  4. EAT LIGHT – Certain foods like fruit salads can actually help keep you hydrated. Avoid heavy meals that will make you lethargic as you slog through the high humidity. A bag of grapes is a perfect summer time treat!
  5. SEEK AIR CONDITIONING – It’s important to take breaks from the heat. Duck into a shop that has A/C, or if you’re in a theme park, enjoy an attraction that takes place indoors. Even if the line is long, your body will thank you for the momentary reprieve.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to listen to your body, and know when to call it a day. And when you head home, bask in the happiness that comes from entering a cool and comfortable house, powered by the cooling services of AJ’s Air!

Have a cool summer!