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June 19, 2018
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August 7, 2018
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Tips for ac repair

ac repair in Kissimmee, FL - AJ´s Air

At AJ’s Air, experts in air conditioner business, we advise you on everything that you need to know when it comes to ac repair.

First, we would like to give you this little advice, but totally useful: review your instruction manual. Something very important before making any repair or cleaning in our air conditioning unit is to consult its instruction manual.

Although we know that it is something unusual because normally they are lost once the machine is installed, we cannot do a filter cleaning (for example) without knowing what products can damage the unit. Each machine has some peculiarities and you must take them into account to act in one way or another. So, do not forget it.

Now, here are the six most important ac repair tips:

1. Turn off the air conditioning switch in the electrical panel of the house to perform maintenance safely.

2. Check the cables of the installation in case they have been disconnected or have suffered any damage during the shutdown period, as well as the pipes of the outdoor unit.

3. Remove dirt from the outdoor unit. When being outside the house, it is possible that leaves, earth or other elements caused a decrease of capacity in the system and a reduction in the air flow. Eliminate them to improve their working.

4. Take the air control and select the operating mode fan and leave it activated for about half an hour to remove dust and dirt that it may have accumulated during the months of inactivity in the blades.

5. Clean the condenser of the air conditioner. This accumulates dirt when not in operation. This dirt hinders the flow of air, which means a reduction in capacity to absorb heat.

6. Carry out a cleaning of the filters. This is the most important maintenance task that will guarantee the efficiency of the air conditioning. Clogged and dirty filters block normal air flow and significantly reduce system efficiency. With normal air flow clogged, air passing through the filter can carry dirt. Replacing a dirty and clogged filter with a clean one can reduce the air conditioning’s power consumption by 5% to 15%. Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced

With all this information you can now repair your air conditioning to combat the high temperatures. If you still have problems with it or prefer a professional ac repair company in the area, contact us and we will help you in any situation.