Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC Unit
Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC Unit
December 12, 2016
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The right AC price

AJ's Air A/C & Refrigeration
Have you ever wondered why some AC companies ask so much money to make the same apparent thing than others that take so much less? There must be reasons that lead some to ask more than others. The reasons usually are the same everywhere: companies or individuals that promise one thing but end up delivering other very different from the initially stated.
We have been on the market for several years and have seen these practices over and over again. We have seen companies rising and falling due to these unreasonable techniques that lead to no trust being build upon them. We learned that doing things right is the ONLY way to do things right. From the first-timer. Nothing can replace that and we’ve come to learn that this is the way to build real trust with our customers.
When people as for help we check their systems and advise. Our inspection is not a mere look with a flashlight and a scratch on the beard or a ‘Huh’… exclamation with a grave sound on the voice to make it heavy and despairing. We have a routine we use during our inspections that goes through 21 points to see what is wrong and what is not. This way we can ensure that parts that don’t need replacement are not replaced and only the ones that need are in fact replaced or serviced. This saves us time and saves you money.
Time is the decisive factor for air conditioning. When you buy a brand new unit it’s a matter of time until it breaks or starts giving problems. If you have a company like ours by your side you can extend that time to it’s maximum because we perform preventive maintenance that ensures good functioning quality over the lifespan of the device. This along with intelligent inspection ensures your budget will be enough to have your AC in good running condition instead of receiving a notice that a possible repair will cost almost as much as buying a new unit.
We are licensed. You can consult the details about our license and you can ask our clients personally what they think of us. We are sure of ourselves and we are sure that we deliver the best possible service available. We guarantee all our jobs and we are sure you will be satisfied with our interventions. We are sure you will see us as a good partner instead of despairing when you have to call us for service.
If you decided already please head to our website and ask us for a quote. We will be glad to visit you and inspect your unit so you can receive a detailed quote that takes care of only what is wrong and make it right.
We also speak Spanish so that we can cover more ground. Be sure you will be pleased with our technicians. We are always available to assist you with your needs.
visit the website: www.ajsair.com