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December 12, 2016
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Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC Unit

Spring Cleaning for Your HVAC Unit

Spring is approaching! There’s always something exciting about the spring. The freshness of air and the warmer temps just propel people into a happier, better place.
Many people take the springtime to clean out their home. They clean corners that normally don’t get cleaned out throughout the year, go through cluttered drawers, wash windows, pressure wash their home’s exterior, etc. It’s just a good time to bring back the newness of your home.
As you are doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget one of the most important units of your home – your HVAC unit.

Why a HVAC Unit Needs Spring Cleaning
Your HVAC unit works extremely hard during the summer months. As the temperature creeps up, your HVAC unit revs to keep your home cool and comfortable.
With all that work, it makes sense it would start to show signs of wear and tear. It’s also common for the HVAC unit to become dirty, which can hamper its functioning.
This is why we recommend that home owners schedule a spring cleaning of their HVAC unit. It should be done once a year, and the spring is the perfect time.

What You Can Expect with a HVAC Spring Cleaning
With a spring cleaning, we will thoroughly clean your HVAC unit inside and out. We’ll get rid of any debris that has collected around the unit, and clean all of the inside parts.
As we are cleaning, we will inspect the unit. We will ensure all parts look perfect and are working just as they should. We also come into your home to ensure the thermostat is working correctly and all of the duct work is still meeting quality standards. We would never want you to lose money because your HVAC unit is cooling underneath your home. With our check, you can be rest assured the cool air gets delivered to where it needs to – inside of your home. Checking the thermostat ensures the unit cuts on and off exactly when it should, so it doesn’t have to work as hard to bring your home’s temperature back down. This equals less money out of your pocket for electricity costs.

Schedule a Service Call Today
All it takes is one simple call to AJ’s Air A/C & Refrigeration to ensure your HVAC unit is working just as it should. You won’t know just by turning it on and seeing if it cools your home down. There could be internal problems that could end up causing your unit to fail on the hottest day, or you could be throwing money away as the unit cools down parts of your home you really don’t need cooled. Call us
today for a service appointment. We offer $20 off to first time customers, and we always treat our returning customers as they should be treated – with the best service possible to ensure their HVAC unit works as good as possible for as long as possible.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations in HVAC maintenance and repair!

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