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Indoor air quality, keep it clean

Indoor air quality, keep it clean

Indoor air quality is a growing concern for families. Homes have dust containing mites, mold, pollen, mildew, and pet dander. Just imagine all these things circulating through your home and inhaling them on a daily basis. Just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not there. According to the latest studies of World Health Organization (WHO), 20% of infections occur because of poor indoor air quality. Luckily, there are ways you can control and reduce contaminants in your home.

Changing the air filter in your HVAC system is one way to improve your indoor air quality. Depending on your lifestyle, you should be changing your air filter every 1-3 months. If you have allergies or pets, you may need to change your air filter more often. Running your HVAC system with a dirty filter could be contaminating the air you are inhaling and cause your HVAC system not to be able to breathe. Blocking the airflow can cause damages to your HVAC system. For these reasons, it is important for you to maintain your HVAC system and air ducts in your home.

If you are not currently maintaining your HVAC system, air filters, and air ducts properly, this can result in growth and buildup of mold, dust, and bacteria. These allergens can cause congestion, wheezing, asthma attacks, fatigue, coughing, sore throat, Flu-like symptoms, and irritation to eyes and nose. A duct cleaning by a professional technician will eliminate anything built up in your air ducts. The technician should also sanitize the ducts and air within your home. Do your research when looking for a company to do duct cleaning. Some companies offer “duct cleaning” at a low price. You know that saying: “You get what you pay for.” That applies here too. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300-$800 for proper duct cleaning service. This price will vary based on the size or your home, how many vents your home has, and how dirty the ducts are.

A product that is becoming very popular, for a good reason, is a germicidal UV light. These germicidal UV lights inhibit mold growth on evaporator coils and HVAC system interior. Scientific studies have shown that a UV light can kill 90% of microbes within 10 minutes. This works by destroying the DNA inside the cells of microbes and preventing future reproduction. This reduces airborne contaminants, keeping the air you breathe clean. Installing a germicidal UV light will save energy and can reduce maintenance costs for your HVAC System. This is an excellent idea if you are tired of changing your disposable air filter every so often.

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