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November 1, 2020
5 tips to save electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner
5 tips to save electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner
December 23, 2020
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HVAC System: 5 tips for good use in autumn

HVAC System

Climate change is a reality and autumn is no longer what it was. In this publication, we explain how you can make good use of the HVAC System to avoid the morning heat and the cold at night.

HVAC System in autumn

Florida is usually characterized by its especially hot and humid climates. With the arrival of autumn, it is common for the days to be hot and the nights colder. Sudden changes in temperature are quite common and we can even wear clothes from different seasons during the same day.

This is a perfect setting for colds and other ailments that can appear with changes in temperature and with the presence of COVID, we must be even more careful.

Therefore, it is essential to try to maintain a uniform and adequate climate, with controlled temperatures and free of pollutants. HVAC provides the right conditions for an optimal environment.

5 tips for the proper use of HVAC in autumn

Keeping the air conditioner at a constant temperature

This will help us to practice energy saving, we will notice it on the electricity bill and we will also avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Regulate the temperature according to the outside environment

Ideally, keep a temperature no more than 41° around the outside temperature, as long as it is comfortable and is kept consistently in the room. In this way, the change will not be so abrupt and it will not affect our body as much.

Use HVAC automatic functions

Air conditioning systems (HVAC) usually include remote controls that raise or lower the temperature automatically to keep the space in a pleasant and constant climate, thanks to specialized sensors and programmed functions according to certain schedules. This also saves energy and consequently money.

Avoid constantly turning the system on and off

Turning the HVAC on and off not only consumes more energy because the appliance must find the ideal temperature. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended to use the “comfort” function or programmed automatic on and off.

Do periodic maintenance to the HVAC

Carrying out frequent maintenance of the air conditioning system allows the optimal development of the device and prevents the accumulation of dust, mites, insects and other polluting substances that could harm your health and that of your family members. Always go to specialists to carry out these activities.

If you need installation or maintenance of HVAC systems or duct cleaning in the entire Kissimmee, Florida area, contact us, at AJ’s Air we are made to help you.