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January 9, 2017
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March 5, 2017
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5 Reasons to Change Your Home’s Air Filter

HVAC maintenance

Every month on our social media pages, we remind our followers to change their air filter. We do this because it’s an important part of HVAC maintenance. Understanding why it’s important can motivate you to do it monthly.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The filter prevents odors, dust, and bacteria from taking over your home. As the filter traps the dirt, dust, and other debris, it can decrease in efficiency. The dirtier the filter is, the more toxins will get through into the air. However, when you change your air filter regularly, the air continues to filter as it should. Healthy, clean air is the result.

Increase the Longevity of the HVAC Unit

When a filter is full of dirt, grime, and other debris, the HVAC unit has to work harder to pump your home full of warm/cool air. Clean filters allow air to flow freely through it, which is exactly what you need to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently for as long as possible.

Filters Pet Dander

Pets have dander. Even pets that don’t shed have dander. A filter changed as often as twice a month will keep dander to a minimum, which can be a great way to reduce allergies.

Decreases Tar

Smokers really should pay attention to their air filter because it helps keep their home from being overtaken by the tar from cigarettes. Once a month is usually enough to keep tar at bay.

Keep the Home Cooler

The hotter it is outside, the more your HVAC has to run. The more your HVAC has to run, the more work your filter has to do. If the filter is clogged or just full of debris and dust, the cool air won’t get through easily to cool your home. With a fresh, clean filter, cool air will come through quickly, so you can stay comfortable during the hottest months of the year.

Tip: Check your air filter more often during the summer to ensure it isn’t full of debris. Some months it can get so hot that the air filter might need to be changed twice a month.

Changing your air filter isn’t the only way to keep your HVAC in tip-top shape. It’s also important to have a qualified HVAC specialist check it yearly. If you haven’t had a yearly review yet, contact us. We can ensure your HVAC unit is running at an optimal level, so you save on your energy bills and future repairs.