Save electricity during Coronavirus
Save electricity during Coronavirus
April 14, 2020
4 mistakes you make with your AC in summer
4 mistakes you make with your AC in summer
June 22, 2020
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How to save energy and optimize resources at home

How to save energy and optimize resources at home

During the period of social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can save and contribute to the sustainability of the planet. Now, more than ever, it reduces energy consumption, reduces the consumption of foods that come in plastics, and avoids leaving the house.

How to reduce expenses at home and maximize resources?

With a few small actions, you will save on household expenses. Just acting with conscience is enough, every action counts. For example:


Optimize resources

Try using digital note-taking tools, or use the front and back sheets. Also, remember that you can find a place with good lighting to perform better and that you should turn off the equipment when you finish using it.


Keep the rooms closed so that the fresh air emitted by the air conditioning does not escape and turn off the equipment if you are not in the room.


Keep your habits

Don’t let coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine change your schedule. On the contrary: Maintain your daily routines: get up early, eat breakfast and work.


Plus, take an “active pause” to stretch your muscles, and you can even discharge energy by exercising at home. Set aside a moment to share with the family.


Always remember to use the AC in order to keep the rooms at a comfortable temperature and thus simulate that you are in the office.

Plan your expenses

It is an extremely important time to organize your expenses, rethink budgets and prioritize. Negotiate with your landlords, reduce energy consumption and maximize resources. Put on paper how you can reduce and save.

Avoid going out unnecessarily to buy

If you have the habit of going out to buy “fresh”, avoid doing it, going out to buy should be done as little as possible, we must make our habits more flexible to avoid the risk of contagion from coronavirus.

Avoid using the microwave

You don’t need to use the microwave to defrost. You can simply:

Take out the food the night before and put it in the bottom of the fridge.

Take the food out and put it in the sun to speed up the process.

That no food is lost

This is a good time to take more time to cook with love and creativity! Experiment with what’s in the fridge, match up the leftovers from the day before and invent new dishes. Don’t let anything go to waste.

Take advantage of the summer sun

Take advantage of social isolation to avoid making changes to clothes and wash only when there is a lot of accumulated clothes. Take advantage of the summer sunlight to dry clothes.


With these simple actions, you can save a lot on domestic consumption so you don’t get big surprises on your bill, which will surely be increased by the increase in hours at home during home confinement.


Remember that you must talk to your daughters and sons frequently about the coronavirus so that they understand what is happening and express how they feel, in addition to you must practice self-care.


In addition, it is recommended that they distribute the household chores and take adequate hygiene measures to avoid the risk of contagion.


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