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August 23, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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How to know if it is time for an ac replacement?

How to know if it is time for an ac replacement? AJ´s Air

At AJ’s Air, experts in air conditioning service, we advise you on everything that you need to know when it comes to the air conditioner, in this case, if it is time for an ac replacement.

Are you waiting until the last moment to repair or replace your air conditioning system? Well, you should keep in mind that this decision could bring you serious costs. Remember that the maintenance and regular care of your system is necessary to avoid any technical problem. This maintenance can be done by yourself if you wish or by hiring a professional who will guarantee an excellent performance in your unit. But how to know that it is the right time to buy a new device?

At AJ’s Air, we explain some of the reasons why you should replace your air conditioner.


An air conditioner can work for around 15 years, but it is not unusual for your equipment to begin to fail before that time, especially if it does not receive maintenance periodically. Remember that damaged electrical appliances usually consume more energy, just like air conditioners that work with old technology, so if your equipment has more than 10 years of use, it is time to consider a replacement.

Do you use Freon gas?

Several years ago, air conditioning systems used R-22 or Freon gas, a costly high-consumption refrigerant that can damage your equipment’s compressor if leaks are generated. Since 2010, many suppliers have stopped manufacturing equipment with freon, opting for cheaper and lower risk alternatives.

Energy efficiency

Do you know how much energy your air conditioner requires? Sometimes it can be too much, and it is something that should worry you. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a measurement used in heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems, which measures how much energy they consume in relation to the energy used by the entire home during a season. If this difference is high, if your air conditioner is spending more electricity in a month than other high consumption devices (such as washing machines, televisions or refrigerators), it means that it is an inefficient system.

Frequent breakdowns

Do you constantly have to call a technician to repair your air conditioner? Think that if your equipment is damaged and the repair costs exceed the purchase value, it is much better to change it for a new one, because the investment will result in energy savings in the short and medium term.


The most important thing to decide if changing or maintaining your air conditioning system is the results. It is normal for equipment to deteriorate over time, resulting in less cold emission. It is also possible that it is too small or too large for the room in which it is installed, decreasing its lifetime and increasing its energy consumption.

These are the most important factors to consider when changing your air conditioner. Remember that it is good to seek greater comfort to fight the heat, but the energy efficiency of the equipment should always be a very important aspect to consider. If you still have problems with your air conditioner or prefer a professional ac repair company in the area, contact us and we will help you in any situation.