Air filtration and ventilation against COVID-19
Air filtration and ventilation against COVID-19
September 29, 2020
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Can you be allergic to air conditioning?

allergic to air conditioning

According to different specialists, the “allergy to air conditioning” does not exist. In any case, it is an allergic reaction caused by the misuse of freezing systems, which mainly involve setting up at a suitable temperature and regular preventive maintenance.

Air conditioning: Importance of using it properly

The air conditioning system represents a series of advantages over the inconveniences that it could cause. Among them are:

Provides better air quality

Air conditioning systems circulate and filter the air by removing pollutants and mold. This is essential for people with allergies and asthma because they minimize the irritants that cause an attack.

However, this is only true if your system is kept clean and the filters are changed on a regular basis. Otherwise, the air conditioning system can contribute to indoor air pollution.

A good AC installation protects furniture

Florida’s heat and humidity can wreak havoc on furniture of all kinds. For example, the constant exchange of moisture can warp wood, rot leather, stimulate mold growth, and promote rapid oxidation of metal furniture.

The air conditioning system helps you sleep better

Air conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity, allowing adequate rest, which affects our physical and mental performance. A room that is too hot (or cold) interferes with the natural regulation of temperature, which is why you need to use an AC system for a good night’s sleep.

Decreases the number of insects and parasites

Aside from the insects being annoying, they can also be dangerous for people with allergies. A good air conditioning system can help keep your interior free from fleas, ticks, and other parasites.

In addition to preventing dirt that can contaminate the air from seeping in, the air conditioning filter also helps keep insects out and is much more effective than covering windows with a mesh, creating a thermal protective barrier.

Tips to avoid air conditioning allergies

– Keep temperature between 77 and 80 ° F

– It is not recommended that the ambient temperature be below 78 ° F during night.  (avoiding the appearance of irritative effects of the upper and lower respiratory tract)

– Relative humidity must be kept between 30- 70% and even more favorable between 45-65%

– The air must be renewed by natural ventilation.

– Or use fans as a comfort option but not as AC replacement.

– Or program remote control in between, directly to ventilation mode.

– The air flow must not reach people directly.

– Have a blanket handy, because at night the body temperature drops, especially in babies and older people.

– The devices must be in optimal condition, checked by specialized technicians, before being turned on.

– It is necessary to clean the ventilation and air conditioning systems (check filters)

– In the case of AC in vehicles, first leave the windows down for a few minutes so that it is ventilated. Filters should also be checked.

– Avoid large contrasts between exterior and interior since large temperature contrasts are not healthy at all.

– And among other things also remember that for each degree that the temperature is reduced, energy consumption increases by 8%. And that the constant operation of the devices would contribute to the warming of the atmosphere, which is why some countries already regulate their operation.

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