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Aj’s Air recommends professional AC installation

AC installation

At AJ’s Air, we totally recommend that any AC installation must be done by a professional, and we think that the information in this article can be very useful to our customers.

Purchasing an air conditioning equipment is an important decision in the budget since labor charges must be added to the cost of the equipment. Although the cost of the installation by a qualified professional installer can be seen as an added expense, the reality is that it is a guarantee of success in the operation and energy saving of the unit.

According to a study conducted by Daikin, 18% of homes with air conditioning systems did not have the advice of a professional installer. Among the most frequent failures that occur in the air conditioning equipment as a result of installation not qualified are refrigerant leaks, electrical failures, and poor drainage work. The first two affect the components of the equipment causing, in some cases, the complete failure of the unit; and the third can produce accidents where the bad installation is located.

The average cost of repairing this type of damage ranges from $150 to more than $600 depending on the type of damage, the equipment model, and other factors such as the distance to the nearest technical service.

For example, in the case of a breakdown due to a leakage of refrigerant from a 4kW split air conditioner installed in a house, the approximate average cost of the repair can vary between $150 and $400 (plus taxes), depending on whether the leak is easy to locate or not.

Also, the average cost of repair in the case of electrical failures due to poor connections can also range around that depending on whether it is a problem in which you only have to correct connections, or if this fault has also damaged the electronic board of the indoor or outdoor unit.

Finally, the average cost to solve damages in the case of faulty drainage can be around $250, to which must be added other losses linked to water leaks, such as dampness on the walls of the house or damage to furniture.

Apart from the technical problems and the economic cost, incorrect installation of the air conditioning system can also lead to other inconveniences for the user, among them, the most common is that the equipment has a noisier operation than normal, which can also cause headaches.

At AJ’s Air, we know that an air conditioning system is not just another appliance. Therefore, we always recommend being advised by professional installers. They are the ones who can help you make the best purchase decision based on the characteristics and needs of the place. They are also key when carrying out the correct installation of the unit with the maximum guarantees. It is proven that if an air conditioning system is properly installed by a professional and is regularly well maintained, not only is it possible to extend the useful life of the equipment, but it will also save energy.