Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair
Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair
April 30, 2021
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Air conditioning repair: How to know if it is necessary

Air conditioning repair AJ´s Air Kissimmee, Florida

We know that in Florida air conditioning is a basic necessity. However, its excessive use or lack of maintenance may cause us to need air conditioning repair.

Here are 5 factors that determine how long you should leave the air conditioning on in summer.

Air conditioning repair: Know the risk factors

1.- The temperature outside

The outside temperature has an impact on the inside temperature of your home. The hotter the heat, the longer you’ll need to keep the air conditioner on, especially when humidity levels are high, as your unit will first have to remove it in order to properly cool the room.

Remember that you don’t have to worry if your air conditioner takes a little longer to cool your home compared to other days, as it is likely just a rise in temperature outside. After all, in summer, there are days when it is hotter.

2.- The model and type of air conditioning

There are determining factors in determining how long the air conditioner should stay on, starting with the model and type.

Check the amount of BTU that the device requires so as not to strain the system and prevent air conditioning repair. In any case, you can contact us and we will gladly assist you.

3.- The state of your air conditioning

The maintenance of the air conditioners is crucial to guarantee their optimal operation. In addition to the preventive maintenance that you must perform frequently, it is important to pay attention to the wear of certain parts, as this can influence the performance of the air conditioning.

If your air conditioning system has a unit with dirty or old filters, rusty internal components, and full of water, it won’t cool your home efficiently. This means that it will take longer to reach the temperature you want so much and you may even have to go to our air conditioning repair service.

4.- The size of your home

We already mentioned it, the air conditioning system must be in accordance with the spaces so as not to cause equipment malfunction. In case you need air conditioning repair service, you can contact us.

In addition, it is important to recognize and take into account the size of the room in your home, since the larger the room, the longer you will have to keep the air conditioning on.

An excellent idea to speed up the cooling process is to close the windows and cover them with a curtain to prevent heat from entering.

If you need AC repair or maintenance of refrigeration systems in the entire Kissimmee, Florida area, please contact us, at AJ’s Air we are experts in air conditioning repair service.