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Four tips to get the most out of your floor AC
November 25, 2019
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5 tips to protect your AC
January 17, 2020
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AC thermostat importance

AC thermostat importance

The thermostat in the air conditioning systems in both heating and cooling units fulfills a very important factor. It is in charge of controlling the temperature and, once it reaches the desired temperature, turns off the supply of both cold and hot air.

This happens through sensors installed in these systems which can be located, depending on the equipment, in different places. For example, Split air conditioning systems have the temperature sensors placed in the indoor unit. To regulate the heat in winter, it is convenient and fundamental to install an external thermostat.

Our main recommendations are:

Place the thermostat at a reasonable height, at least of 1.5 m and away from sources of heat or cold, for example, near an entrance door or above a heater or radiator as it may alter its process, detecting an unreal temperature.

Use the manual control to deactivate the temperature programmer when the house is unoccupied, thus achieving greater consumption savings.

Turn off the heating at night, ventilate the entire house in the morning, and close all the windows to turn it on again.

Carry out the maintenance of the air conditioning systems once a year, at least.

Sleep mode is a very useful feature that many users are unaware of. Basically, it is responsible for performing a zone shut down after a period selected by the user. This mode is very useful, for example, for when we want to lie down and leave the air conditioning on during the time we get to sleep. It is ideal for hot summer nights or winter days when we do not want to get out of bed.

Setting the thermostat to a minimum does not cool the room faster. No matter what temperature the thermostat is at, the air conditioner will provide cold air at the same rate. If 16° C is set when the required temperature is 25° C, the room will not cool down faster, and also the compressor will always be on trying to reach the temperature indicated by the equipment.

The thermostat is essential in any refrigeration equipment. Without it, we can become exposed to unhealthy temperatures. It is an infallible guide to consumption and how a place should be heated.

If you decide to install a thermostat, always trust professionals, we are happy to help you.