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November 25, 2020
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5 tips to save electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner

5 tips to save electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner

Believe it or not, it is possible to save up to 30% in the electricity cost of air conditioning and without going through the heat, even if you are in Florida.

How to save air electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner

5 tips to save electrical energy in Florida with your air conditioner

1. Use energy efficient appliances

Do the math, even if they seem more expensive initially, using energy efficient appliances is always more profitable in the medium and long term.

A less energy efficient air conditioning equipment implies a higher electricity consumption, so buying high efficiency air conditioners means saving up to 60% of energy. This will translate into lower electricity payments, so the HVAC will pretty much be self-sustaining and worth every penny.

2. Keep spaces closed

The ideal thing to maintain the temperature and be energy efficient in the spaces is to insulate them so that the cold does not escape and use blinds to prevent the spaces from heating up with sunlight. In addition, it is not good for the body if there is much difference in temperature with respect to the outside. Do the experiment and you will see the difference in your electricity bill!

Remember that the ideal temperature in a home would be between 74 ° F and 78 ° F, while in commercial premises it should not drop below 78 ° F. keep in mind that one degree less can increase electricity consumption by around 8%, so maintaining temperature is very important.

3. Start the air conditioner at medium temperature

One way to save energy is to leave the air conditioner on at medium temperature. In this way, an indoor climate will be maintained that will not force the HVAC and will allow a progressive cooling of the room, since starting the appliance with the thermostat too low causes the appliance to suffer and increases the cost of electricity.

4. Pay attention to the humidity of the environment, especially in Florida

In areas with a high percentage of humidity, such as South and Central Florida, it is important to pay attention to the humidity control function, to keep it between 40 and 60%. In this way, the climate will be pleasant, healthy and energy efficient.

5. Do frequent maintenance

A good air conditioning system will work optimally with constant maintenance. For this reason, it is important that you clean the HVAC filters so that the energy is used to the maximum, always in the hands of specialists.

Remember, if you need installation or maintenance of HVAC systems or duct cleaning in the entire Kissimmee, Florida area, contact us, at AJ’s Air we are made to help you!