Window AC unit: How to make the best choice according to your needs
Window AC unit: How to make the best choice according to your needs
February 17, 2020
Save electricity during Coronavirus
Save electricity during Coronavirus
April 14, 2020
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5 revolutionary HVAC innovations

5 revolutionary HVAC innovations

Innovative technologies are taking over the world. As high-tech gadgets and the latest smartphone innovations continue improving our lives, homeowners in Florida will have something else to look forward to: revolutionary HVAC innovations that could change how we cool our homes as we know it. Many of these HVAC technologies are really about to boost your home’s comfort levels.

HVAC connected to smart homes

Everything is getting smarter, we depend on IoT! Connected systems and phone apps now allow us to control our home’s lighting, heating, cooling, security systems, surveillance, and entertainment just by pushing a button.

It’s a no-brainer that these “smart” technologies will continue to evolve and become integrated into our homes, allowing us to control a home’s comfort levels down to the last detail.

Since many of these innovations are already available on the market, this movement toward a smarter home has changed how HVAC engineers and designers approach the next big thing, which is good news for those of us who appreciate high-tech solutions.

Fully automated homes

As if owning a smart home wasn’t convenient enough, fully automated homes are already part of our reality. There are already technological solutions on the market that are allowing companies to experiment with automated appliances and other products.

HVAC systems are directly tied into other systems in your home, making adjustments according to the status of the rest of the house.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

Sometimes the simplest things are in sight without being discovered! Engineers at MIT have created a new AC system that uses sensors along aluminum rods hung from the ceiling so movement activates these sensors. In other words, the air conditioner only kicks on when people are in the room.

This kind of prototype is just one example of how future HVAC systems are going to be more compact and portable, helping to reduce both energy and costs.

Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

The sensor enhanced ventilation has been created by a company called Ecovent and consists of sensor-driven vents that replace a home’s existing ceiling, wall, or floor vents. The best part? A smartphone app can control the Ecovent, providing precise, room-by-room temperature control.

Additionally, the system uses sensors to monitor the home’s temperature, air pressure, and other indoor air quality factors. It is undoubtedly a wonderful innovation

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

Heat pumps tend to be more efficient and provide the maximum amount of comfort when using a combination of fuel. In this case, the system is a combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace.

At low temperatures, the pump draws on gas heat to maximize efficiency. When the temperature rises over 95°F, electricity gets into the scene. The initial costs associated with a dual-fuel heat pump are more than a conventional system, but the amount of money you can potentially save over the next several years more than makes up for the costs.

Incredible, isn’t it? We really are living in the future! Remember to always go to specialized technicians. Do not try to install an HVAC on your own, it can be dangerous and expensive.